Leto’s Kids


Sea: Welcome to Mythic Deviant.
I’m Sea Gabriel.
And today I’m spinning Artemis and Apollo via Leto.
Their mom.
Leto, when she’s a girl, has a sister named Asteria.
Zeus has a thing for Asteria, Asteria has a thing for not getting rapped . So
when this comes after her, she leaps into the sea praying with all her
heart that she will be free of him.
And so she is transformed into a floating island.
This is advantageous for Leto who does not get away.
When’s this comes for her.
She gets pregnant and this enraged his Hera.
So Hera, curses, Leto to be unable to stand on land.
She makes land repelled, Leto, but luckily Leto can go to the island that used to
be Asteria, which is now called Delos, where she can give birth only Hera.
Then also curses her to be unable to access the goddess of childbirth.
However, all the other goddesses show up and they really argue
for Leto and they convince Hara to allow childbirth to occur.
And so childbirth, does come and Leto gives birth to Artemis
and Artemis does the Huntress.
She’s the goddess of the moon.
She is brilliant.
She is beautiful.
And she is independent.
She is wild and she steps immediately into her power of goddess of childbirth
as she helps her mother deliver her twin brother, Apollo Apollo is the God of
Oracles of medicine, of healing, of music.
Apollo is the God of the sun.
He is brilliant and beautiful and many love him.
Later, psychology will try to make him the God of order, but I don’t think that’s a
reasonable argument, but it does happen.
He comes to symbolize that whether it’s reasonable or
not, cuz that’s how myths work.
And the two of them have a long, continued, not so much battle as
association being the goddess and God of the masculine and the feminine.
Always needing to find a balance with the sun being invisible during the day
and the moon being physical at night.
But they are both in the sky.
And they both give light and they are both required for the earth to function.
How, where you are masculine and feminine and balance.
Do they shine equally at different times?
Are they always there for you?
Do you know how to access them?
Thank you so much for joining me and I hope you have a wonderful.
And by the way I might be doing this more than once a week.
I’m aiming for a minimum of once a week, but time is not my thing.
So it will happen periodically.
Have a great time.