Welcome to Mythic Deviant’s YouTube

I’m Sea Gabriel, and I’m glad you’re here.
Life is a story and all good stories, contain capital T, Truths, meaning depth and meaning, and victory and things that have aspects of our soul.
The kind of things that are so big that we cannot communicate them except through story.
There are other stories that are significantly more insidious that are not about depth and meaning but about control about enslaving us, convincing us that we are something other than the amazing miracles that we can be when we fully embrace our lives.
Every week I will be here.
And I will tell a story and I will talk some about that.
The truth is, I’m very bad with time.
I don’t know what time I will be here during the week, but I will be here once a week.
And I hope that you will join me each time.
And I am spinning in part because one set of my favorite stories is the Norse Mythologies.
And in Norse mythology, like some other mythologies, there are fates the Norse have the normal.
And Nornir come in every shape and size and species,
There are all types of Nornir.
And whenever one is born of any species a norn shows up and she essentially blesses that baby with their ørlog, which is the requisite stops of their fate along the way, including their time and day of death, but also what great victories they will have in their lives and what challenges they will need to overcome.
She also gives them they’re wyrd, which is a different kind of fate.
That’s the fate that moves between those challenges.
That’s the fate that makes those challenges, pleasant or unpleasant.
It’s the fate that we control and we control it through story.
And, the norms, again, like other mythologies are textile weavers, at least in part, there are three in particular that stand out.
Urðr whose name means destiny is the spinner.
She spins into creation, all that.
We know all that we have all that we can become, and then she passes it to her sister.
Verðandi who’s name means, becoming, and Verðandi weaves it into the tapestry of
beauty that will become each of our lives before she hands it to her sister, Skuld.
Skuld’s name and outstanding depths.
The things that we are not done yet, and school does the cutter.
She uses her sheers to snip away all that we no longer need all that we are done with all that we have chosen not to become.
And one day she will cut our tapestry is from the loom.
When is the time for them to become our shrouds.
It is quite magical and it is quite beautiful and it is something
that we each do in our own lives.
As we make our choices, as we , too, create our lives, like Urðr, make our choices and paint our pictures like Verðandi , and eventually end things
that we are no longer working on, or that are no longer useful for us.
So each week I will discuss a story and I will talk about its implications.
And I hope that you will be here with me.
Have a lovely week.
Thank you.