Myth of Er


Welcome to Mythic Deviant.
I’m Sea Gabriel.
And today the Myth of Er, the Myth of Er is actually written
by Plato for the Republic.
So it’s not quite as old as many old Greek myths.
However, it’s still really, really old.
And the Myth of Er, Er is a soldier who goes to battle and is killed.
However his body after days does not decompose.
So eventually his pillows decide to throw him on a funeral Pyre and
as they light the fire, he suddenly awakes and he tells them of his trip
to the after life, to the underworld.
He arrived, he says, and he saw that there were four doors, an entrance,
and exit, each from the realm of the sky and from the realm of the earth.
And he noted that people who had lived a good clean life headed toward the sky.
And then they emerged again from the sky doors later, again, looking clean
and healthy and well, well people who had lived a less than great life
tended to go to the realm of the.
And then they emerged again from the realm of the earth looking haggard and tired.
And then they were each given a lottery ticket and they waited in line.
And when their ticket was number was called, they would go to
the front and they would pick their door and their next life.
And he noticed as he watched that people who came in.
Of the sky door who came out, looking all clean and fresh and feeling good about
themselves, tended to pick things for their next life, like becoming a dictator,
which would invariably lead to them…
eating their children.
Well, people who tended to come out from the earth, looking haggard and
tired would pick a life of service where they were doing good in this.
And then when they’d eat picked their next life, they would all be taken to
oblivion where they would drink from left a, which is the river of forgetfulness, so
that they would forget all that happened before and be reborn into the world.
He, however, Er himself was immune to this.
He was sent to come back and tell everyone that this is what happened, presumably.
So we could all live better lives.
When I think of the story, I think that what is going on is when we
feel we are right, we are good.
We are clean.
We are in our best places.
We think that we know what’s best for others.
Sometimes we can get a little carried away.
We forget our place within the group.
However, when we have just walked a hard road, when we were familiar
with the ways that we air.
We can pick much better choices because we can look at what it is that we have done
and we can be responsible moving forward.
And I don’t think that this is true.
Well, I, it may be true of a whole life.
I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s exclusively true of a whole life.
I think we do this on a moment to moment basis, at least I think I do.
In what ways?
Do you feel so good about what you’re doing, that you forget to double check to
look again and make sure that it really is in the best interest of all involved.
In what ways do you recognize the things that you have maybe done?
Not so well in the.
And how do those things inspire you to show up better now and in the future,
where are your strengths and is the mirror that you’re looking in clean and clear.
Thank you so much for joining me.
I hope you have a lovely week.