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I’m Sea Gabriel and tonight Rapunzel.
Once upon a time, there was a couple who desperately wanted a child and,
luckily for them, they were fertile.
So they conceived one pretty quickly.
The mom was looking out her window on the second floor when she noticed, in
the neighbor’s yard, some Rapunzel and it looked delicious and she was totally
having cravings with the pregnancy.
She really wanted that Rapunzel.
So she said to her husband, “would you get me some of that Rapunzel,
please, dear, I really want it, please, please, please, please, please do.”
And he wanted to make her happy, but he was a little worried.
“It is the neighbor’s yard…”
she said “just a little, I just need a little.
And so he agreed and he went down and he climbed over the garden.
And he took a little bit of the Rapunzel and he came back and
they made a beautiful salad.
Not only was it beautiful, it was the best salad she had ever had.
She could not believe how phenomenal this salad was so much so that the next
night she wanted nothing else but the salad; she needed more of that Rapunzel.
Well, he thought.
‘Maybe I don’t feel good about it.’
She said, “please, I’m going to die.
If I don’t have the Rapunzel, I need that Rapunzel.”
So finally he agreed and he climbed the garden wall once again.
But as soon as he arrived in the garden, the Enchantress who lived there appeared,
she said, “I should have you killed.”
“You are nothing but a common thief.
He said, “no, please, please forgive me.
It is for my wife, she’s pregnant.
She really just needs this Rapunzel.
She thinks she’s going to die if she doesn’t have it.”
And the Enchantress went “well, I do like children, so” she said, “tell you
what, you can have all the Rapunzel you want as long as when that baby is born,.
I get to keep it.
I’ll raise it as my own, and I will give this child everything
it could possibly want.”
So what is he going to do?
He says, “okay.”
And he goes home.
And as soon as that baby is born, the Enchantress appears.
She says, “I will name this little girl Rapunzel.”
And she takes her and she is a good loving mother for the first 12 years.
And she gives that baby everything she wants, but then, when she’s
12 she notices that she’s becoming a very beautiful young woman.
And so the Enchantress builds a tall tower to protect her.
And she keeps her in that tower.
And each morning the Enchantress comes to the tower and calls up to her and says,
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.”
And the little girl whose hair is enormously long , attaches her hair to
the side of the wall and throws it down.
So it doesn’t pull out.
And the Enchantress climbs up and years go by like this until one day, Rapunzel is
alone singing in the tower when the prince comes by and he hears the singing and
it is so beautiful that he is compelled.
So he waits there day and night.
And he sees the Enchantress come to the bottom of the tower and call up
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
And he sees the hair come out.
And so he is amazed by this.
So the next night he comes by and he comes to the tower and says,
Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.
And sure enough, the hair comes down.
And following in the steps of the Enchantress, he climbs up that hair and
he appears in Rapunzel’s robe and she is so beautiful that he is immediately in
love because that’s what love is in these stories, and he says, “will you marry me?”
And she, not having seen a man before nor having any idea what a marriage
might be like, because she’s been alone in the woods with an Enchantress her
entire life, says “yes, I would love to marry you, but” she says, “I have no
idea how we’ll get out of this tower.
So I think that you should bring me a skin of silk every night and then I’ll
braid it into a ladder and then I’ll be able to tie it to the wall and we’ll
be able to climb up together on this.
He says, “well, that was really a lot for someone who has no idea how
to escape, but I love to do that.”
And so every night he brings her a skein of silk and he comes and he says,
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair”.
And she lets down her hair and he comes up and spends the evening.
But he leaves before morning.
And then in the morning, the Enchantress comes and says, “Rapunzel,
Rapunzel, let down your hair.”
And she comes during the mornings and hangs out with Rapunzel until
one morning when the Enchantress clams up and Rapunzel says, “I can’t
believe how much you weigh the prince is so much lighter than you are.”
And the Enchantress says “what prince?”
And Rapunzel says, “the prince that I’m going to marry.”
And the Enchantress says, “no, no, you are not.”
And she cuts off her hair and banishes Rapunzel into the forest.
And then she waits for the prince and the prince arrives,” Rapunzel Rapunzel, let
down your hair” as he does every evening.
And the Enchantress hooking the hair to the wall, throws down the other end
of the hair while the prince climbs up.
And as soon as he appears in the room, she says, “you will never see Rapunzel again.
I have banished her to the forest.
She is lost to you forever.”
And the prince is in grave distress begins to scream and leaps from the tower.
And on the way down, he scratches his eyes with the brambles and he is left blind.
He then spent several years wandering the forest plan.
Sniffing up fruit, until one day he hears that beautiful voice again, and
he recognizes Rapunzel and he comes to her and there she is with their
twins, a little boy and a little girl, and she says, “oh, thank goodness.
You’re finally back my prince.
I have missed you.”
So, and she cries tears of joy and those tears fall into
his broken eyes and mend them.
And he can once again, see.
And so the two of them go back to his home, the castle and introduce her.
And there they live happily ever after.
We have no idea if the Enchantress ever got out of the tower,
not having a way down herself
In fairytale and dreams, they’re quite similar, babies often
represent what is new in our lives, what is coming forward for us.
So when people want to have babies, what they want is a change, some new
adventure, some new way of being.
And in this case, they ask for that new way of being and in a way
they got that new way of being, but it wasn’t really theirs.
They gave that new way of being away.
So what do you invite into your life that you can keep and what do you invite
into your life that you end up giving up?
And then the Enchantress comes.
So this is a magical story.
This thing that they invited into their life changes them
magically, but does not reward them.
So the Enchantress, her life changes her way of being in the world changes.
She becomes a mother and a little bit of a paranoid.
So, how do we tend to things?
How do we protect things in our world and in doing so, do we lock them in
towers or do we allow them to be?
And what is the price of our protection, both of ourselves and of others?
Often in these tales, all the people in this story are really
one person who really are different aspects of ourselves.
So an action aspect of ourselves then appears in the prince.
The prince arrives, he hears the song and the song is often the fate, the call
of our own divinity of our own path.
So he hears that call within himself and he comes to the tower and he discovers
beauty and he loves it and he wants to care for it for Rapunzel’s part.
However, she answers the call of the evening.
The whole time she’s been locked in this tower, the Enchantress
has been calling in the morning.
But here is an evening call.
Here is something that bids to her in a different way.
How do we recognize what is calling to us and how do we respond in a
way that preferably cares for us in a way that allows us to accept
an adventure that is healthy.
She clearly has a plan on how to get out of there.
but she pretends she does not.
So when we have things that are calling us or things that we need to do or respond to
how often, at least I have an idea how I should respond, put, prefer not to prefer
to wait a little while to get ready, to garner my silk threads so that when
I leave, I can feel good and ready and complete, but it doesn’t end up that way.
She gets tossed out of the tower before then.
So what happens when we wait too long?
Is there anything in your life that you have been waiting for
that maybe it’s already time to do?
She then ends up wandering the forest.
So because she waited a little long, she now goes through a period of, I
guess, confusion or being lost being in her own dark night, as does the prince.
She is unable to move forward in.
Good at can.
She can’t see clearly.
So the person involved can’t see clearly in this case represented by.
So, what do we do?
How do we recognize the call of our own soul as the prince did Rapunzel’s voice
in the forest when we’re lost, when we feel like there’s confusion or darkness
around us, how do we find ourselves again?
And finally, how do our tears of joy mend our broken eyes.
How does joy bring us clarity and direction and a way forward that
brings our path home, where we can be reunited with our homes,
with our family, with our kingdom.
I hope that this has been helpful for you and that you have a lovely week.
Thank you.