Hanuman’s Gift


Welcome Mythic Deviant, I’m Sea Gabriel and tonight, a moment of the
Ramayana, the Ramayana is a Hindu myth that is quite long about Rama.
Rama is the God Vishnu or the God of eternity incarnated to walk the earth.
He goes through many travails and at the end of it, he rewards.
the monkey God, who has helped him along the way, the whole time with the most
fantastically beautiful piece of jewelry.
And Hanuman looks at the jewelry.
And then he pinches it, he tastes it and he bites.
And then the end, he just picks it apart and he throws it away.
And he decrees that it is worthless because it does not contain Rama.
It does not contain his God.
And so then the people ask, well, what does contain Rama?
What does contain your God at which time Honoman opens up his chest and
they see a picture of Rama, vishnu.
Carved on it as well.
In some versions as Sita, his wife,
where have your adventures taken you?
What have the choices that you’ve made carved into your heart?
How do our stories impact what remains within us?
How we love, how we hold, how we heal.
Thank you.