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I’m Sea Gabriel.
And tonight Pandora.
Pandora means many gifts, but really her story starts with
Prometheus’s, which means forethought.
Prometheus is a Titan or one of the old gods, prior to the Olympians, in
Greece and he has a soft spot for humanity who, at that time, are all male.
When the gods had been giving out gifts, they gave gifts to all the animals that
they ran out when they got to humanity.
So the lion got courage.
The Fox got ingenuity.
The bear got strength.
Humanity got nothing.
We were just creatures that ate and slept.
So Promius came down and worked with us to sacrifice an ox and then invited Zeus:
“Zeus from now on whatever pile you pick, we will sacrifice to you in this way.”
And he set up two piles from the remains of the ox.
The first smaller pile had all the meat and most of the fat, but
it was covered within entrails.
The second bigger pile had all of the bones, but it had some shiny fat on top.
So Zeus selected the big fatty pile usually.
Usually, this is said because Zeus was tricked, but some people say
that Zeus was smarter than that.
He only picked the boney pile because he wanted to punish humanity.
I think that makes Zeus look worse, but anyway….
So Zeus picks the big bony pile, and then he gets very angry.
There will be repercussions.
Promethease however, feels for humanity, who Zeus is now keeping
alone and cold in the dark.
So he goes, and he brings us fire so that we can be warm
so that we can see each other.
And this totally enrages us.
So Promethease knowing trouble is a afoot, tells his brother an Epimetheus,
which means afterthought, whatever you do, don’t take anything from Zeus.
And Epimetheus says, okay, but his name is afterthought.
Zeus, on the other hand with the Olympians goes to Hephaestus and Hephaestus, who
is the Smith of a the gods, he makes all the magical items and says, “I
want you to make me a woman, and I want you to make her to astounding.”
And so Hephaestus uses Aphrodite as a model and makes an amazingly
beautiful woman out of earth and water.
And then all the winds come and they breathe life into her.
And when she is alive and well.
The gods all come and they give her various gifts.
Apollo teaches her to play the liar and sing.
Aphrodite makes her beautiful and charming.
Athena makes her an incredible crafts person and artist and makes her beautiful
clothing Poseidon teaches her to swim and gives her fabulous jewelry.
More and more gifts keep coming to Pandora.
Zeus himself makes her idle, and mischievous.
Although Hermes makes her cunning and deceitful.
Finally, Hera comes in and Hera gives her .Curiosity.
And then Zeus takes Pandora and a vase later, it will become a box and
some of the stories, but originally it’s a vase and he takes them to
Epimetheus, Prometheus’s brother, and offers them as a gift because the time
one could gift a woman, not ideal.
And Epimetheus is delighted because Pandora is so beautiful and fun.
And wise: anything anyone could want in another person.
And so Pandora moves in, but you’ll remember that none of the men, and
she lives with only men on earth, have any gifts so she has very, very bored.
She has no one to talk to and no one to sing with no one to play with.
She has nothing to do.
So she does in fact become very curious in her boredom about what is in that vase?
Because she has been told not to open.
Eventually she gives in, she gives in and she opens the vase.
And the second she does out of it, Flies all manner of issues:, from
illness, to concern, to paranoia, every problem flies out of that case.
And she swiftly, she slams it shut down, but the only thing
left in the vase itself is hope.
So if you ever need hope, it’s at the bottom of Pandora’s base
and you open it with curiosity.
Hope follows curiosity.
And she is blamed for bringing all the evils of the world as the first
woman, much like the Eve story.
The first woman creates all the problems, but, much like
the Eve story: is that true?
Because humanity’s greatest gift.
And what we get the most from as humans is actually getting things
done and changing things and solving problems, new babies, like nothing
more than to change their world.
So, in some ways she brings the awakening of all the gifts.
We didn’t know we had when she brings the things that will inspire them.
But what do you see in the story?
Where do you keep your hope?
What kind of ills have you unleashed upon your world that give you the
opportunity to rise to the challenge and to answer the call of your own spirit,
sort of bring your own gifts to fruition.
Thank you so much.
I hope you have a wonderful week.