Welcome to Mythic Deviant I’m Sea Gabriel and tonight Pygmalion.
Pygmalion is a Roman myth by Ovid.
Once upon a time, Pygmalion was walking the streets when he ran
across a gaggle of prostitutes.
He did not appreciate them.
And soon he extrapolated that to all women.
He did not appreciate women except, of course, their beauty.
So he went home and carved one.
He was a fantastic sculptor already.
So it wasn’t a big deal for him to carve the most beautiful
woman one had ever seen.
She was just fantastic.
And soon he found himself dining with her and then talking with her and
eventually kissing her and fondling her.
He fell wholly in love with his statue.
So when the festival of Aphrodite the love goddess came, he went to the
temple and he prayed to find a woman who was like the one he had carved.
But when he went home, He found that when he kissed her, she kissed her back.
She was warm to the touch and she burst into life because Aphrodite
had heard what was in his heart, not what was in his mouth.
So they got married and they had two children Paphos and Metharme.
And those will become additional stories, but for now, what in your
life do you wish to become alive?
What do you create and breathe life into?
What lies in your heart that doesn’t necessarily come out of your mouth.
And who do you give that intent to?
Are you presenting what lies in your heart to someone who can actually make it true?
And if so, is that what you want?
Is it good to have a relationship with someone you have invented?
What if that person is a politician or a rock star or an actor or actress?
How does the way we perceive things, change what they are?
There’s some thoughts.
I hope you have a lovely day.
Thank you so much for joining me.