Three Spinners


Welcome to Mythic Deviant. I’m Sea Gabriel and today, tonight, I’m going to spin the tale or spin the yarn of the Three Spinners, but first some background.
What you see me spinning, well, it’s actually, this is silk and wool.
It’s not just wool, but this is a, um, a wheel that is designed for wool or cotton.
It is not designed for flax.
There are separate wheels that are designed for flax.
And flax is a fiber that starts out as the hemp plant and ends up as linen.
And it is quite hard to spin.
It’s probably what they’re spending in Rumpelstiltskin.
They used to refer it to as spinning gold because you were taking
something very rough and difficult and turning it into something
very beautiful and very high-end.
And when you spin flax.
First, you use this different wheel and this wheel has a Distaff or a place that holds.
The fiber while you pull it down and spin it.
But second, you need to keep that flax down as you’re spinning it.
So nowadays people get wheels and they have water sitting beside
them and they wet their hands and then they spin the flax.
But once upon a time, the way people generally did it was by
licking their thumb and then getting the flax sweat with their spit.
That is our background info.
So once upon a time, there was a young girl probably named Sarah, maybe named Sarah, and she loved stories and she loved daydreaming and she loved telling herself new tales and sitting in the sun, but she did not love doing her chores.
And one of her chores included spinning.
One day, she had not done her spinning and her mother was quite angry and was yelling at her.
You need to get on things.
You need to be responsible.
You need to take care of your home.
When the queen walked by.
Well, not walked by the queen was in a carriage when the queen came by in a carriage and said, “why are you yelling at your child?”
And Sarah’s mother said,
“Oh, my daughter, Sarah, is so wonderful.
She is so committed and so industrious.
However, I just can’t get her to stop working.
She just works and works and works until I think it will make her sick
and I need her to take care of herself.
So sometimes I feel very frustrated.”
And the queen thought, wow, I really need someone in the castle who can do that kind of work 24/7.
So the queen said to Sarah, if you will come with me and you will spin my three
warehouses full of flax, you will marry the prince.
And Sarah’s mother interjected.
“Of course, she will go here, take her.”
And the queen took Sarah and took her to her castle and locked her up with three warehouses full of flax, which completely overwhelmed Sarah.
So Sarah did nothing.
Sarah daydreamed a way out, but she did not spin flax.
After two days, the queen returned and said, “You’ve done nothing.”
And Sarah said, “Well, I’ve been really very, very homesick.”
So the queen went, “Well, I can understand homesick, but you really need to get on this.
You need to spin this.”
And Sarah said, “Yes, I will. I’ll spin the flax.”
Knowing that the queen could be very dangerous and that this might be important in terms of her survival.
So the queen left and luckily for Sarah three women came to the window.
The first one had an enormous swollen thumb with bread.
And the second one had a giant deformed lip that just had a divot in it.
And the third one had an enormous, strong foot.
And they said to Sarah, “We will spend all of this flex for you.
If you will just invite us to your wedding as your aunts say that we are your honor.
And Sarah thought, well, can’t hurt and I really don’t have anywhere to go from here.
So yes, yes, please do that.
And so the women stayed the night and they spun all of the flax and all three warehouses.
And in the morning the queen returned and she was delighted.
“You have done such a fantastic job. Thank you.
This was beautiful spinning, and I will certainly, certainly, ensure that you marry my son.”
And so the wedding day came and Sarah had invited the three aunts and they showed up and the king: the king was appalled.
There are three horribly deformed women here.
What is going on?
And the queen said, “I don’t know, they’re her aunts.”
And so the king went to them and said, tell us what has happened.
And the one woman said, well, my thumb is deformed from all the spinning, from a holding it, the stiffness of the flax in my tender hand.
The one with the foot said, well, my foot is deformed from the power of the
spinning from pushing the wheel day in and day out for days and days and
days, and months and years at a time.
And the third one said, and my lip is blistered and deformed from wetting,
the flax to ensure the highest quality fibers and the king said, well, thank you
for coming and I’m sorry for your loss.
And then he turned to Sarah and he said, “You will never spin again.
We cannot afford to put you in peril.
From now on you will live a life of leisure.
You will not be permitted the overwork were intending to do.”
And Sarah secretly smiled within herself knowing that she could now
spend her days writing stories.
What ways do you set up situations in which you will automatically win?
Thank you.
And I hope you have a wonderful week.